Q] Choose one option for each
1) The terms 'Cell' was first introduced by
a) Robert Brown b) Robert Hooks c) Robert Taylor d) Schultz

2) A Centrosome is rich in
a) RNA b) Enzyme c) DNA d) ATP

3) Simplest types of sugars which cannot be hydrolysed into simpler components are
a) Cellulose b) hemicellulose c) disaccharides d) monosaccharides

4) Plysaccharides are
a) Soluble b) diffusible c) insoluble d) sweet

5) The basic components of proteins are
a) lipoproteins b) amino acids c) glycerol d) glucose



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1.robert hooke
2. enzymes
3. disaccharides
4. diffusible
5. amino acids
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1. robert hooke.
2. enzymes.
3. disaccharides.
4. diffusible.
5. amino acids.
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