1) The cellular organelles that transform energy are
a) chloroplasts & leucoplasts b) ER & mitochondria
c) golgi bodies & mitochondria d) chloroplasts & mitochondria

2) Export proteins are synthesized
a) in the mitochondria b) on free ribosomes c) on the rough ER d) on the smooth ER

3) Fruits & flowers gains their orange & yellow colours through
a) leucoplasts b) chloroplasts c) chromoplasts d) protoplasts

4) The organelle which synthesizes proteins to be used inside the cell is
a) free ribosome b) bound ribosome c) rough ER d) smooth ER

5) Which of the following synthesizes lipids?
a) rough ER b)smooth ER c) Golgi complex d) free ribosome




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These are possibly

1 d chloroplasts & mitochondria

2  c  on the rough Endo plasmic Reticulum

3)  chromoplasts

4)    perhaps C rough ER

5)  b)  SMOOTH endo plasmic reticulum

2 5 2
sir please correct the 4th and 5th
ur 4 & 5 answer seems to be wrong
u r right
sir you are right the 4th is between the free or bound ribosome it is written in book that its a ribosome but which i don't know that
but ribosome is not an organele? im i right?
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1) d)
2) c)
3) c)
4) c)
5) b)
4 5 4