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There are 3 key features of the constitution:-

1>Federalism: This refers to the existence of more than one level government In the country, In India, we have Governments at the state and at the centre. Panchayati Raj is the third tier of the government.

2>Parliamentary Form Of The government
Sazz, The different tiers of government that you just read also consists of representatives who are elected by the people. The constitution of India Guarantees Universal Adult Franchise For all citizens, This would help Encourage a democratic mindset and Break the clutches of traditional caste, class and Gender Hierarchies. Sazz, This means that the people of India have a direct role in electing representatives. Also, every citizen of the country irrespective of His/Her Social Background can also participate in the elections. These representatives are accountable to The people, I think you understood it. :)

3> Separation Of powers
Sazz, See, According to the constitution of india, there are three organs of the state. These Are:-

1>Legislature - Refers to elected representatives.
2>Executive- Its a smaller group of people who are responsible for Implementing laws and running the governent.
3>Judiciary- refers to the system of courts in the county.

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Here are key features of indian constitution