1) The DNA contains -
a) hexose sugar, phosphate & nitrogen base b) lipids, proteins & phosphates
c) Pentose sugar, phosphate & nitrogen base d) Proteins, lipids & hexose sugar

2) Nucleus of animal cell is made up of a number of parts; one part is wrongly given
a) Nucleoplasm b) Chromatin c) Centrosome d) Nucleolus

3) The organelles which moves materials out of the cell is
a) centrosome b) ER c) golgi complex d) lysosome

4) Angstrom is the unit of measurement under the electron microscope. It is
a) 10^{-2} micrometer b) 10^{-3} micrometer
c) 10^{-4} micrometer d) 10^{-5} micrometer



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1) c) Pentose sugar, phosphate, and nitrogen base
2) c) Centrosome
3) c) golgi complex
4) c)  10^{-4} micrometer
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