Napoleon's rise to power Napoleon's career largely resulted from the military innovations he inherited from the French Revolution, such as mass conscription which made possible the use of block tactics in order to attack in column and eliminated the need for supply lines, thus making French armies much more mobile. Napoleon Bonaparte himself was barely French, his homeland Corsica having just become part of France two years before his birth in 1769. He thereby abandoned his army (which later surrendered to the British) and slipped across to France. He then took part in a daring plot to overthrow the government. The conspiracy succeeded and Napoleon became First Consul of France in 1799.
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1) In 1804 Napoleon Bonaparte crowned himself Emperor of France.
2) He saw himself as a modernizer of Europe.
3) He introduced many laws such as protection of private property and uniform system of weights and measures provided by decimal system.
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these are not the reasons right?