Q] Choose one option for each
1) Which one of the following organelles converts cellular polymers to monomers?
(a) micro body (b) lysosomes (c) mitochondrion (c) golgi complex

2) How many membranes comprise the nuclear envelope?
(a) 1 (b) 2 (c) 3 (d) 0

3) The fluid medium of the nucleus is called........
(a) chromosomes (b) chromatin reticulum (c) nucleus (d) nucleoplasm

4) The molecule which regularly moves from the nucleus to the Cytoplasm is.................
(a) DNA (b) RNA (C) cholesterol (c) glucose

5) The molecule acted upon by an enzyme is known as .............
(a) inhibitor (b) substrate (c) coenzyme (d)cofactor

6) Micrographia is the famous book of...........
(a) Robert Hooke (b)Darwin (c) Mendel (d) Schleiden & Schwann

7) The first man to observe single celled organisms under a microscope is
(a) Lecuwenhoeck (b)Robert Hooke (c) Linnaeus (d0 Lamarck

8) The first scientist to state that all cells can come only from Pre-existing cells is..............
(a) Wallance (b) Scheiden (c) Virchow (d) Virchow

9) "All plant tissues are composed of individual cella" was said by ..............
(a) Schleiden (b) Schwann (c) Virchow (d) Wallance

10) Who said that the tissues of all living things are composed of individual cells?
(a) Schleiden (b) Schwann (c) Virchow (d) Wallance



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1) c) mitochondria
2) b) 2
3) d) nucleoplasm
4) b) RNA
5) b) substrate
6) a) Robert Hooke
7) a) Leeuwenhoek
8) c) Virchow
9) a) Schielden
10) b) Schwann
3 5 3
10) cell is the basic unit of life was said by Schwann
9) and 10) question almost same
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1) c) 
2) b) 
3) d) 
4) b)
5) b)
6) a)
7) a)
2 1 2