Q] Choose one option for each
1) Cuticle, feathers, nails, caws contain keratins & they belong to
a) fats b) starches c) proteins d) nucleic acids

2) Heat, pressure, acidity may alter the chain structure of proteins by braking some bonds and the change is termed
a) peptide linkage b) denaturation
c) dipeptides d) conjugated protein

3) The nucleic acid can be broken down into their monomors callled
a) denaturation b) dipeptides c) nucleotides d) purines

4) The process by which water molecules enter into the cell is known as
a) exosmosis b) endosmosis c) active transport d) exocytosis

5) The process of entry of molecules or ions from lower concentration to a region of high concentration is termed
a) exosmosis b) endomosis c) diffusion d) active transport



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1-c) proteins .
2-b)denaturation .
4-b) endosmosis .
5-c) diffusion
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