Human eye consists of ciliary muscle,iris,pupil,aqueous humour,cornea,optic nerve,retina.
the eye ball is nearly spherical in shape.the front is more sharply curved than the back.the front is covered by a transparent  protective membrane called cornea.behind cornea there is a place filled with aqueous humour.behind this a lens is present which helps us to see.between aqueous humour and lens we have a muscular diaphragm called as iriswhich has small hole in it called pupil.pupil expands and contracts according to the situations.the iris enables the pupil to act as a "variable aperture"for entry of light into the eye.
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The eye is a organ of sight which connects to the world around us.It is situated in a depression in the skull called orbit .
Working of eyes:-
The light rays coming from the eye fall on the first layer of the eye cornea and pass through the pupil and lens.The lens converges and focuses the light rays on retina in the same manner as the lens of a camera focuses rays on the films.