Well wishes to one and here right before you to give a speech on development of urbanization and problems and remedies.In our country there are nearly 2,00,000 villages.some of them are very backward too.they does'nt have water supply,food,proper shelter and so on.If this is like this it doesn't help our country to develop.this has to be changed.every person has to meet their basic needs.It is said that India is self sufficient in food grains.but where do we find it?We see many people in and around us not meeting their their basic needs.Is our govt. taking any action towards this?If u think it has to be changed and India should develop,as a citizen of India raise ur voice to find change in our system."change in the whole society begins with one"then we will find result.

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thanks but little more info
i need som more information plz help!!!!
continuation to ur speech after towards this in the last 4th sentence.neither people nor govt. is doing for this.people now a days became so greedy that they are not at all thinking to help others atleast by taking this issue to the eye of the govt.we the people are only going to help.all the other countries are ahead of us in any manner.we also should develop and be a competition for them.