Science of stupid in National Geographic
Science of stupid is an fantastic T.V program telecasted in National Geographic channel. It is hosted by Manish Paul. The Tamil version of this show is really funny. Manish Paul tells about science in a funny rhyming way in Tamil version. This show is really interesting teaching us many important things about science in basic things in day today life.
This show teaches us about many things in which we have to be careful. They teaches us about the world's hottest chilly and many more. It is telecasted from Monday to Friday on 9.00 p.m.

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The Misty Mermaid
It is an amazing episode of pokemon. Misty, Broak and  Ash have gone to selerion gym to visit Misty's sisters. There, misty's sisters (every 6 months) show is round the corner and as their show is supposedly not popular any more(I don't think that it was ever popular :D), so they decide to do something new and make misty the mermaid in their play with water pokemons all around her.Misty has 3 sisters, so one of them is the narrator; one is the villain and the third is the prince/savior as planned in the script .But how can we forget team rocket? As always, they start their mischief. When the play starts, Misty is living a happy life with all her water friends. Then as its the entry of the villain is about to begin, team rocket enters and has an intention to spoil the play and as always steal their pokemons;but by mistake because of them the play is a great success and team rocket fails.Ash and Broak are the heroes.The play is now houseful for a year. Everyone is now happy.Misty's sisters thank them and Misty leaves her pokemon dipsy with them so that dipsy can excercise.Now Ash Boak and Misty have started walking to a new adventure. I wonder, where will they go?
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