The power is shared in three forms 1.legislative 2.executive 3.judiciary  1. legislative;having the function of making laws
2.executive;the executive is the part of gov that has sole authority ad responsibility for the daily administration of the state
3.judiciary ;the judiciary is the system of courts that interprets and applies the law in the name of the state
I) Legislature: Power sharing to keep echo of each letter in constitution reverberating, to investigate cause and effect in comprehensive way and make laws always prudent and sustainable.

(ii) Executive: To handle smooth administration, the least manifested in corruption, causing malevolence, Mala-fides incidents and a common peaceful and coherent milieu - made for the observers to get always sustainable, real, substantiated and examined rational mind.

 (iii) Judiciary: Monitoring authority on effects of causes formed in the form of laws of the land by Legislature and executed by the Executive. It monitors, enquiries and investigates, then sets punishment for the person / state / nation, even convicted, in issue physically observed.