Growing up I always heard the expression, “You don’t know what you’ve got till its gone.” These words have never really had much meaning to me until just recently. This is happens to everyone at least once, not appreciating the things we have. How would we know how important things are if we never get anything taken away from us? Everyday I have been taking advantage of things that could easily be taken away, like my job, friends, and pets.
 yet hard earned income. He is happy with his earning acquired after working for several hours at the factory. He experiences joy when he comes back home after his day's work and is welcomed by his family. Due to his hard physical labor, he lives away from the risks to die by a heart attack, hypertension, high blood sugar or cholesterol. He has limited resources and therefore limited desires to be fulfilled. This is also the key to his happiness. His family manages to feel happy by sharing small joys of life among themselves.