The power sharing is of three forms:
1) Legislative having the function of making laws
2)Executive is the part of government that has sole authority and responsibility for daily administration of the state 
3)judiciary is the system of courts that interpret and applies the law in the name of state

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1.) Power can be shared among three organs of government such as legislative, executive and judiciary.Each organ checks on other through a system of 'checks and balances'. Each organ has seperate powers
2.) Power can be shared among different political groups as they can influence the government to change or make a decision by protesting or various other means. For example the Polish Workers Union.
3.) Power can be shared among government at different levels. Union govt. for entire country, state govt. and local govt. for regions.
4.) Power can also be shared among different social groups. Reservation provision in India is an example where women are given 1/3rd representation in the govt.
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