When people sit with the electronic gadgets they dont work they become so lazy .they depend on gadgets for everything. example:they buy things online.,they do online shopping.they dont walk a long distance ,they take the vehicle and travel a long distance..this pollutes air as well as people become so lazy.people choose what they want depending on this gadgets but that doesnt matter ,on the same time they should look after their house works also,mordern technology has developed we all know that .people have developed their knowledge.we buy vehicles to travell a long distance,we all run after money,this is what all people do ,isnt it/?studying online that doesnt matter /ordering food online that doesnt matter but ordering food online is bad,we need to live a long life so that we need to eat cooked hygenic food,.;these gadgets always make people lazy ,gadgets have developed but ,we can use that ,but we should not be fully depending on that.but we people say ok for all these things but we wont follow...i end my essay saying" we wont depend on gadgets".thankyou for giving such an oppurtunity to convey my massage on this topic.
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i am saying that it shouldn't be like our opinion and it should be like an essay with correct grammar
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hey need not copy as such you can make changes isnt it?
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its nice essay i think we can write it
Gadgets, Nowadays, Play a crucial roles in our lives. One can't live a single day without His/Her Access to gadgets. It could Be a Video Game or A Mobile Phone Or a Tablet.

Yes, it is true that People are now most dependent on their gadgets. Once there was a time when people used to Search Inside Dictionaries to find meanings of the words they found be New, But now, they have access to Dictionary-Apps which makes it a lot easier to find the meanings, and by finding meanings in a dictionary we focus our minds into it but With gadgets nothing is done.
Once, If we wanted to find information about something, People used to walk for miles (If that topic is a place) for eg: Kedarnath.

And if we compare it to now, People just sit in their couch and and find their Much-Needed information, so they're getting carelesss/Lazy, And if this continuous, Maybe the Youth age will be regarded as a Couch Potato.
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