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Without education we will not be complete as a human being. We will be same as animals. With education, we learn manners, techniques, skills, culture etc. We learn the ways to tackle difficulties, and to live with others in the society. Most importantly we can get the means of living by offering services and doing jobs.

Education gives us the strength to stand independently and face enemies or competitors bravely. In India, even now, there are many people below poverty and living in small villages. They are not educated and they get cheated by imposters. Education tells us to take care of our health and future needs. Education and experience allow us to raise our children in a better way.

The intelligence of people is properly utilized by educating one self, otherwise it stays raw and unused.  People who are educated run the country and become famous. Education also teaches us the history of our country, great scientists, national leaders, how to use scientific systems, computers etc.

Without a proper education one needs to be dependent on others. Others may or may not help them. If elders rely on their children, and the children choose to go far away to other places, then elderly persons have to live by themselves.