both inc and ccp were the prominent parties that took most of the important decisions in their respective countries
ccp established republican government as it had communist thoughts while inc aimed for democracy as it had democratic ideas
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Chinese communist part:- When the japanese invaded china in 1937, the Guomindang retreated.Mao Zedong, who emerged as a major CCP leader,took a different path by basing his revolutionary programme on the peasentry. He organised the chinese peasents to fight for abolition of landlordism and built an army of peasants. Eventually CCP was succesful in establishing its rule over mainland china.
Indian national congress:- In 1937, elections conducted by British Congress won 8 out of 11 provinces. But the Prime Minister is to work under the supervision of a British Governor. The Congress was upset at the obstinacy of the british and decided to walk out of the provincial governments.All congress ministries resigned in October 1939 after having come to power in 1937.Through 1940 and 1941, the Congress organized a series of individual satyagrahas to pressure the rulers to promise freedom
once the war had ended
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