Imagine you are Sabal Singh and you have not been given the land of your choice. This has made you really angry and you want to take revenge from Jadohji. Write your feelings in a form of Diary entry in 200 words?

who is the character jadohji
Jadohji is the name of the character in chapter who is very greedy and arrogant personality
wat is relation betwn sabal singh & jadohji
Jadohji was sage and Sabal Singh was prince
k right


Being the prince of this village how can't i get the land of my choice?how dare the person who didn't gave me the land of my choice?this is all because of that Jadohji.he always tell against me to the people and this time too.i will not leave him without taking revange.the non sence greedy sage.if i had a choice i would do the same with him .once i would kill him
sory i cant ans any mor
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