Indian teenagers have been given a lot of freedom which they misuse .our parents are always worried about us.when we demand of something , they try their best to fulfill our demands..sometimes they fail to do such situations we never try to understand that why they are unable to fulfill our demands instead show our anger with attitude tot hem.

the famous and common demand of teenagers is bikes.almost all the teenagers including girls own a bike.these bikes are very costly.we use these bike to perform competition among our friends.this is very dangerous but the teenagers love to do so.sometimes there are severe accidents which may lead to the death of the racers.

the second most popular demand of the teenagers is car.they want very valuable cars like mercidies bench and porses.they drive these cars at a very high speed without following the traffic rules.they also drive when they are in a drunken situation.this leads to their death because of accidents.

after their death , their parents are hurt very badly.they loses their reason of living.the parents have nothing to do except say that why did not they look after their children.
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