Similarities between inc and ccp
⇒both inc and ccp were the first and foremost parties that were prominent in their respective countries
⇒both in inc and ccp the general elections were held once in every five years
⇒both inc  and ccp had the decision making power during independence
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The ccp has been found in 1921,soon after the russian revolution.the ccp leader ,took a different path by basing his revolutionary programme on the peasentry in india the freedom movement was mainly laid by the indian national congress.many great leaders were from this was found in 1885.on whole india only inc fought aganist british.they united the whole country.ccp and inc are similar in some ways like uniting  whole country .inc only wanted to win freedom from british.but ccp.but ccp wanted to rule over china and also japan.ccp controlled over someor other countries.but inc wanted india to be set free.
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