Commercial farming is the farming done for business.The crops grown from such farming are called cash crops.they are imported and exported.For eg-sugarcane,sugar,tea,coffee,cotton,etc

Plantation farming is growing a same kind of crop in acres of land for self use.These crops are called food crops. Eg-rice,etc
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Commercial Agriculture
1 Seasonal cash crops are culti­vated on large farms.
2 Carried on where labour is comparatively less.
3 Crop is cultivated mainly for the local market in the coun­try.
4 Returns from the field are quick but profits are compara­tively less. e.g., cotton, sugar cane. Jute, tobacco.

Plantation Agriculture
1 Single perennial crop is culti­vated systematically and scien­tifically on large estate resem­bling factory line production.
2 Carried on where there is abun­dant cheap labour.
3 It is cultivated for export and for the country s market.
4 Returns from the field are after 5 to 6 years but huge profits are obtained, e.g., Rubber, tea coffee, spices.
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