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Gadgets, Nowadays, Play a crucial roles in our lives
. One can't live a single day without His/Her Access to gadgets. It could Be a Video Game or A Mobile Phone Or a Tablet.

Yes, it is true that People are now most dependent on their gadgets. Once there was a time when people used to Search Inside Dictionaries to find meanings of the words they found be New, But now, they have access to Dictionary-Apps which makes it a lot easier to find the meanings, and by finding meanings in a dictionary we focus our minds into it but With gadgets nothing is done.
Once, If we wanted to find information about something, People used to walk for miles (If that topic is a place) for eg: Kedarnath.

And, if we compare it to now, People just sit in their couch and and find their Much-Needed information, so they're getting carelesss/Lazy, And if this continuous, Maybe the Youth age will be regarded as a Couch Potato.
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gadgets are very useful to us.we use them in every minute of our life.they play a major role in advancing our life and making it more the last few years , our life has been totally changed by the influence of the gadgets.there are many gadgets like mobile phones , television , computers , fans , bulbs , remotes , and many other.they are just uncountable.

the most common one is mobile phones.they are always with us.we try to make it more advanced and do every thing with the help of our mobile the present day , we can watch television , send mail , call , message , chat , click pictures etc. with the help of our mobile phones.they help us in many ways.we can contact our trusted ones when we are in need of such situations we can just give a call to them or message them that we need some help from them.

this is also very bad to us.we become very lazy and we always try to depend on the gadgets we use .we lose the self trust and self confidence.this results in panicing . when we panic we cannot use our brains properly and do something wrong which we should not do.when there was no use of gadgets like phones , we had to write letters to talk to our closed ones.this kept us active and encouraged us in finding out more about others.this capibility of ours has gone down.which may be harmful to us in future
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