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1st law

If there is no net external force (push or pull in any direction), then every thing stays as it is. It continues to stay at rest, if it is at rest.  It continues to move with the same speed if it is moving.

If i put a book on a table. the net force acting on it is 0. so it stays as it is. A skating person on ice, moves forward with same speed, if he/she does not press against the ice, or shift the position.

2nd law

The rate of change of momentum is equal to the force acting on a body.  OR, the force acting on a body is equal to the product of mass and acceleration.

Momentum : it is the product of mass and velocity of the body. It gives the total amount of velocity in the total body. It gives the total impact the body will have if it collides with another object. It is also related to the amount of force required to stop the body. If one with higher momentum collides with another, one is hurt more.

3rd law

If a body1 exerts a force F1 on another body2, then the body to exerts a force - F2 on body1 in the opposite direction.

If two magnets are kept near each other with the north poles facing, magnet1 exerts a force F1 on magnet2 and magnet 2 exerts a force = -F1 on magnet1. Magnet 1 moves backwards and magnet2 also move backwards.

Two wrestlers exert force F on each other through the hands. Each wrestler is pushed backwards with force - F. But they remain stationary for some time.  How? A wrestler pushes the ground with force -F. The floor pushes him forward with force F. The forces on the wrestler balance and he remains stationary.

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