I am lucky to be brn this century because all technology have develped I can have all information in my pocket (mobile )
if ur a girl all discriminations are eradicated and all are in peace wars are not often so iam lucky to be born in this century 
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I am lucky to be born in this century (21st) as I see the life has become very comfortable. In the last century many people suffered, because the basic amenities were not available to many people. The villages were far away because transport was slow. Contacting any one directly required to go to that persons office or home. The field of medicine was not so developed.

In our century, we have an antidote to many diseases. The operations are done quicker and are less painless than in the last century. More efficient transport vehicles are available.

I am able to communicate with my family members at any time. I am able to learn knowledge from internet and school. I am able to help others also through the technological advances.

Quality of our food has increased. Better education institutes are available, The salaries are also higher in this century. I can construct a better house stronger and can live in apartments in the city, if I cannot afford a site.

People are more beautiful, energetic, capable in this generation than the earlier generations.