Good morning i have come here to give a short speech on adventure. life is an art of fighting without fighting this is a famous style of bruce lee which means find the warrior within yourself. each and everyone is a warrior who are capable of fighting any kind of adventure.first of all what is an adventure?adventure is a risky or an unusual experience.each one comes across many adventures in his real life therefore experience your adventure courageously then surely you can become a real life superhero
due to paucity of time i have given some hints you can elaborate and give your speech
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Adventure is popularly sought by people today who work hard to eke out a living and then fall into the sameness of routine life. Human nature seeks variety while routine becomes monotonous too soon. Monotony causes frustration and kills enthusiasm. Hence, short weekends breaks that adventure are taken more these days.
Adventure sports play an important role in shaping and developing the personality of a person. Thus adventure proves to be great even for health.