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Reptilian characters of archaeopteryx: 1 Jaws are provided with homodont teeth. 2 Long, lizard like tail with 20 free caudal vertebrae. 3 Bones are not pneumatic. 4 Cervical vertebrae are fewer, 5 to 12. 5 Amphicoelus vertebrae as in Sphenodon. 6 Cervical and abdominal ribs are present along with thoracic rib. 7 Sternum weak or absent. 8 Scales are present. 9 Eyes are provided with sclerotic ossicles.

Avian Characters: 1 Presence of feathers. 2 Fore limbs are modified as wings. 3 Rounded brain case. 4 Beaks are present. 5 Bones in the skull are intimately fused. 6 Bird like bones of limbs and girdles. 7 A Keel is present on sternum. 8 Tibia and Fibula are separate.

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archaeopteryx is one of the most important fossils ever discovered . it is a bird from the upper jarassic, about 150 million years ago. it shows the evolutionary link between reotiles and birds. the first archaeopteryx was found in 1860 near solnofen in bavaria, germany. today nine skeltons and one feathers. it had mouth with teeth, claws at the hands and a long tail like dinosorus or reptiles. today, it is known that some dinosarus looked like birds and that soe had feathers. when they are born