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Once upon a time there was time.Every day, time waited for time to pass.One day time, again, passed. But this time, time realized that time was passing.Because of that, time began to worry about wasted time. Time began to think about how much time might be left. What it might be used for. What it all might mean. What it had already missed because of the strictly linear passage of itself.Because of that, time grew tired and bitter and worried. Time didn’t know what to do with the time it had left. Time didn’t know how to spend time other than by waiting for time to be spent. Time was deeply troubled.Until finally, time flew. Time stopped worrying and thinking and mourning the loss of itself, the waste of itself, and the thought of itself. Time just was. Time was a concept, not a thing. Time focused on the present, and that made all the difference in the world.
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Bunny rabbit lived in the forest. He had many friends. He was proud of his friends.One day Bunny rabbit heard the loud barking of the wild dogs. He was very scared. He decided to ask for help. He quickly went to his friend deer. He said: “Dear friend, some wild dogs are chasing me. Can you chase them away with your sharp antlers?” Dear said: “That is right, I can. But now I am busy. Why don’t you ask bear for help?”Bunny rabbit ran to the bear. “My dear friend you are very strong, please help me. Some wild dogs are after me. Please chase them away,” he requested the bear.Bear replied: “I am sorry. I am hungry and tired. I need to find some food. Please ask the monkey for help”.Poor Bunny went to the monkey, elephant, goat and all his friends. Bunny felt sad that nobody was ready to help him.He understood that he has to think of a way out. He hid under a bush. He lay still the wild dogs went their way.
when you make a friend you fill that all are the same but when you go to knock their door for help then no one opens the door to help you

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