M given a picture. .....in it are four boys, two boys have garbage bags and two have school bags. The title of the pic reads" four people, four bags, 2 different stories." It's something about child labour

I have to write a paragraph/article on the same. The heading I thought is "bags and rags" . Now can someone help me with my article/paragraph?



in early days , the children of poor families did hard works to earn money while the children of the rich families went to school to gain education.as the sun rises , the poor children had to get into there work especially in the farms.on the other hand the rich children had their yummy breakfast and went to their schools.

the poor children had to work in the hot summer as well.they did not get any sort of holidays and they also cannot enjoy their childhood.on the other side , the rich children received long holidays from their schools .they enjoyed themselves in these holidays.this was the basic view of early children.

after the right to education was introduced , a lot of things changed in india. every one was provided equal rights to gain education.the rich children went to school and the poor children also went to te schools instead of doing their regular work.they were able to do so because of the free educational centres were developed by the government.