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Narayan is a good boy well liked by his parents and brothers. He is not so intelligent and not so successful in the academics. But he is very enthusiastic about the life, very energetic and is always smiling. He is also good natured. He is not able to perform very well in the exams and he could not remember complicated formulas and difficult words from the text books. He always looked for simple questions and simple ideas.

One day his uncle cam during his vacation and saw Narayan's school records. He thought he should help Narayan because he is a good boy. He sat with Narayan and told some important points about how to improve his skills, memory and concentration. He sat with Narayan and made him study again and again explaining in detail where Narayan was not catching up. He also gave simple examples from the real world. Also, on the internet there were important tutorial and home work related sites, where could get fellow students to help him.

With the above push, Narayan became very much interested in studies. He read everything with interest and utmost concentration. He clarified all doubts and understood the subject well. Gradually he showed progress in academics to become one of the toppers.