The role of ccp in establishing republican government in china
⇒it was the sole governing party that took most of the decisions though accompanied by 8 other  legal parties
⇒it defeated kuomintang in a 10 year civil war and established republican government in china

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Kuomintag of China, KMT, meaning Chinese people's political party was ruling China from 1928 to 1949.  Chiang Kai-Shek used military means to unify a lot of Chinese regions and ruled China. A civil war was fought between people loyal to the government of KMT and people loyal to Communist party of China. The war was due to the difference in their ideologies - Left versus Right.

But during the Japanese invasion during the Second World War they fought together protecting China. Later due to the weak strategies of Chiang he antagonized many groups and KMT weakened. In 1949 CCP was dominant and they got control of the main land of China and established People's Republic of China. It was declared by Mao. CCP defeated KMT at the end of about 10 year old civil war. CCP had grown massively during the 1940s and many people supported its ideology. CCP had adopted the democratic centralism conceived by Russian Marxist Lenin in which open discussions were done and decisions were taken in a democratic way. Then the decision was upheld by all.

CCP had the support of Russia. They organized a number of protests in cities with the support of students and intellectuals. CCP had support in the rural areas. KMT used military and violent means for suppressing them. Autocratic behaviour of Chiang, factions in KMT and unpopularity had weakened KMT and helped CCP to mount the attacks.

Mao had passed reform acts giving equal rights to work for women and a right to own property. CCP protected workers against lords. Important economical sectors were taken by the government.