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Resources are Power, energy, people (human resources), material (natural) resources like water, pure air, metals, minerals, fuel (coal, oil, gas), wood (vegetation or trees) etc.

We need the above resources that the nature has given us for every day life. Water, and pure air are integral part of human survival. With out them human beings cannot live at all. Over the last three to four decades, the use of the natural and man made resources have been used very indiscriminately.

Consumption of oil, coal and gas has increased tremendously by many folds. At this rate the fuels will be consumed much quicker than they should be. As the resource quantity reduces, the costs will go up and a crisis arises. Recently when oil prices soared, the economies in many countries got disturbed.

We are polluting pure by emissions of green house gases. The human race will not be able to survive if the content of these gases becomes very high. Water pollution with chemicals and wastes has led to diseases of people in thousands and is still continuing. We are misusing the purity of water in lakes, seas, and rivers etc. Water pollution has affected the life of birds.

Indiscriminate use of power supply creates shortage of electric power supply and it could become critical if the same rate of growth in consumption continues. Already many small industries closed down due to shortage of power supply and high costs of power supply to industries.