Ccp emerged as major forces striving to unite the country and bringing stability the people's of china government was established in 1949
The chinese communist party had been founded in 1921,soon after the russian revolution. marxist understanding that revolution would be brought about by the working class in cities. mao zeding,who emerged as a major ccp leader, took a different path by basing his revolutionary programme on the peasantry. he organised the chinese peasants to fight for abolition of landlordism and built an army of peasants. millions of landless peasants joined the struggle led by ccp. his success made the ccp a powerfull political force that ultimately won against the guomindang. eventualy ccp was successful in establishing its rule over mainland china while guomindang was forced to set up its government on the island of taiwan. the peoples republic of china government was established in 1949. it was based on the principles of the 'new democracy'. once in power the ccp carried out large scle land reform measures which meant taking away the land of landlords and distributing them among poor peasants. the new government also managed to enact laws to protect women, their rights and abolition of polygamy. in this way ccp played an important role in establishing a republican government in china.