Recycling can be done to avoid the wastage of materials. for eg when we reuse the recycled paper we can save trees and environment.after the recycling of  plastics it can be changed into other good things needed for the nature
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Recycling is the process of utilizing waste and partially used materials from some processes, as useful products, raw materials for producing some other products.

For examples, rubber materials, old tyres are compressed, melted and burnt to get heat energy and are treated chemically to produce lubricating oil or other oils.
Recycling reduces waste management problem, and it reduces expenditure or increases revenue from re-utilization. It cleans up the environment and pollution is reduced.

In western countries they keep a big green container at the end of each street and in apartment complexes. People throw used glass bottles in to that. All the glass is collected and crushed again to re-fabricate new bottles.

Paper can be recycled. It can be crushed, impurities can be removed and fresh new paper can be produced. This will save wood and forests in the country.

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