1) Name the physical quantity which corresponds to the rate of change of momentum.

2) Why do we write:
Rate of change of momentum α  \frac{mv-mu}{t}
....I mean if we write
Change of momentum, we simply write mv-mu & we don't put "t".
Therefore my question is that why do we write "t" in "rate" of change of momentum???
Is t related to rate.....Plz explain!!!!!!! :-((((((((




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Force is time rate of change of momentum.

Time rate means the change in momentum divided by the duration of time, that a body took to change the momentum

If a body was moving at velocity u at t = 0 sec and it has a velocity v at time = t seconds, then

change of momentum = m v - mu
duration of time elapsed = t - 0sec = t

So time rate of change of momentum =   \frac{mv- mu}{t - 0} =  \frac{mv- mu}{t}.

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Force is the rate of change of momentum. if a body of mass m is moving with avelocity  u changes its velocity after  tsec.then change in momentum=mv-mu         rate of change of momentum=change in momentm/time . ie F=m(v-u)/t                  but(v-u)/t=a the acceleration  then F=mxa    ie F=ma