1) What is the term applied to the formation of a particular shape due to the arrangement of stars?
a) Galaxy b) Milky Way c) Asteroids d) Constellation

2) Why does the planet Venus of the eight planets look bright?
a) It is nearest planet to the sun.
b) It has thick atmosphere & there is good reflection.
c) The atmosphere between Venus and the earth is very rare.
d) It is the biggest planet.

3) By what physical quantity the force of attraction between you and the earth is made?
a) Weight b) Mass c) Density d) Velocity

4) Which of the following is the essential characteristics of a projectile?
a) Initial velocity inclined to the horizontal
b) Zero velocity at the highest point
c) Constant acceleration perpendicular to the velocity
d) None of these

5) The velocity -- time graph of a particle is shown below. Then distance covered is and the displacement, after 10 seconds are respectively. The diagram is given below
a) 100 m & 100 m b) 100 m & 0 m c) 0 m and 100 m d) 50 m & 50 m



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1 d) Constellation
   The famous constellation of Bear... In indian mythology - the seven great sages.

i am not sure but perhaps
       b) It has thick atmosphere & there is good reflection.

3) a) Weight    Weight is the physical quantity that tells the force of attraction.
     perhaps... this question seems tricky...  can it be mass also?

4) d) none of these

5) b) 100 m & 0 m
   in first 5 sec.  a = 0 -20 / 5 = -4 sec
   S = displacement = area under curve velocity - time. it is + 50 at t =5 sec
       = +50 + (- 50) = 0 at t = 10sec
   distance = | area | = absolute value = +50 + |-50 | = 100 m

3 5 3
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