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Environment is a place where we live in the sense our surroundings.previously our environment consisted of greenery.there was very less pollution.but now a days we find every where buildings and we no where find a place fully covered with trees.even when we find it very rarely after few years it also turns into some school or office or house or............we are not at all  bothered about the environment.due to the pollution which we are causing many animals have become endangered and some are already extinct.some of the endangered animals like tigers,sparrows,peacocks......we have to wake from our selfishness and have to see that atleast the endangered animals will not become extinct as we cannot bring back the extincted animals."earth gave us life now it is our time to reciprocate."
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environment is the place in which we live.

it consists of the lithosphere , hydrosphere , atmosphere and biosphere.

we live in this environment in peace.

this environment has been great polluted these days.

the different types of pollution are air pollution , land pollution and water pollution.

we are also being effected because of this pollution caused by the human beings.

we should take steps to make our environment clean and free from pollution.

we will be greatly benifited by these steps.
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