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Poverty is the best proof of the society's failure, some might say. Others, would probably beg to differ, saying that everybody has to forge their own path. I strongly believe in the second opinion, but I am also well aware of social groups around the whole world which are discriminated for who were they born as. 

The questions stands - "is poverty a problem of the person of interest or the whole society?" I strongly believe that for poverty to be an individual problem of the person, we firstly need a healthy society, without prejudice, strongly divided social groups and those are born better. If the society is healed so that everybody could be born equal, the poverty itself would be a marginal problem. 

Poverty is such a big problem all over the world because in many places we are the ones who are causing it. There are of course countries which are just poor, but it is not as common as those that feed on the poor in order to get richer. If we agree that we need cheap work power and the best way to get it is to use the most unfortunate of us, it will be the first sign of our decay. We can send help to various societies all over the world, parcels with food and clothes and we should do it. However, in order to eradicate this problem, we need to change our way of thinking first.
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Well wishes to one and ur.........ur name......... standing right before u to give a speech on poverty.poverty is our national topic.india is the 136th country in case of development.our country still is a developing country from past 68 years of development.many countries who got independence along with us have developed alot.