Good morning,respected principal,vice principal,teachers and my dear friends.Today I am standing before you to speak a few words on Environment.

Environment is eveything we live in.It refers to the daily surroundings in which we live.We interact with them ,get  benefits from them.
But we forget one thing.We forget to give something in return.We take wood,medicines,rubber,fruits from them and even enjoy their shade.But we are never satisfied.With the help of the latest technology we destroy our environment so fast that after some years their won't be anything left.
Therefore we all have to join hands and promise that from now on- wards that we will reduce the tearing of pages from our notebook and will try to write neatly so that there won't be any need for tearing pages and also that we will always keep in mind to use Eco-friendly items and therefore keep our environment green and clean for the generations to come.
                                      THANK YOU!