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One day David could not bear it anymore. He planned that he would run away from the orphanage. So during the night when everyone was asleep he went to the kitchen and stole some food. He went back to his room and took a bedsheet and tied it up to make it like a sack. He put the food and a few clothes in the sack. Then he took two blankets and shaped them like a body so that it looked like he was still on the bed if anyone came to check. He then tip toed down the stairs and opened the front door and closed it silently. He was breathing fast because he just had to get out of the gates now and then he wold be free! He went to the gates but he got a shock as he saw that there was a security sitting on a chair by the gates. He watched for a while from behind the shadows of the trees and saw that the security didnt move at all. He realized that the security had slept so he went to the gates and opened them and walked out slowly and shut the gates very silently. He was now free! All he had to do now was run as fast as he could because he knew that when morning came and when they found out that he wasnt there then the police would be called to find him. So he started running without much planning and soon he found himself running over hills and rivers and streams and flat lands. He got tired after hours of running and he soon saw a small hut. He thought he would rest for a while and went to sit on the veranda. But he was so tired that he dozed off. Next morning he felt someone shaking him gently and he woke up with a start thinking that the police had caught him. But instead he saw a kind old lady and he calmed down. The lady asked him who he was and why was he sleeping in front of her house. He told her everything. She then took him inside her house and made something for him to eat and then he went to sleep. Later when he woke up he found that the lady was not there in the house so he decided to explore the house a little bit. He saw that therr was a small kitchen and two small bedrooms. In the hallway he saw many photos and looked at them casually. He saw in many of them a lady who reminded him very much of someone he had seen before but he couldnt remember whom. Then he saw the lady and the old lady in who's house she was together in a photo and suddenly he knew who she was. The lady was his mother and the old lady his aunt! 
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