A)  It is a hypotonic solution because salt has a greater volume that mango pieces and thus it will try to reach equillibrium by removing particles from cell. This will make it shrink.
b) Fertilizer will help your grass grown and become more bigger in size and volume. It will make the shape more bigger and will become tight in size. This solution is a hyportonic solution.
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when salt is applied to raw mango, the salt will adsorb the juices from the mango due to the regular propensity of water to move to an area of high solute to equilibrate the concentration ( this forms a hypertonic solution) since mango has higher water concentration than the outside medium ( i.e salt) mango will lose water through osmosis.

osmosis will take place and water will come out into the soil from the root grass will get brown and the grass of the lawn will dry

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