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Radioactive pollution, like any other pollution is the release of something unwanted into the environment and in this case the unwanted material is radioactive material . Radioactive pollution can be very dangerous thing because radiation mutates  DNA ,  causing abnormal growth and cancer and the radiation is remain in the atmosphere for years , slowly diminishing over time. 
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The radioactive pollution is defined as the physical pollution of air, water and the other radioactive materials. The ability of certain materials to emit the proton, gamma rays and electrons by their nuclei is known as the radioactivity. The protons are known as the alpha particle and the electrons are also known as the beta particle. Those materials are known as the radioactive elements. The environmental radiations can be from different sources and can be natural or manmade. The natural radiations are also known as the background radiations. In this the cosmic rays are involved and reach the surface of earth from space.
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