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Lord Ullin's Daughter is a tragedy written by Alexander is set in Scotland...a cheftain is running away (eloping) with the daughter of Lord Ullin as they were in a affair and Lord Ullin wont allow them to marry....the scene is a storm and the cheftain is asking a boatman to ferry him across the lake along with his first the boatman refuses but then for the sake of Lord Ullin's daughter he agrees to ferry they leave the shore...Lord Ullin along with his men who were chasing them comes just in time to see them leave...Lord Ullin then yells out to his daughter to not to go into the lake admist the storm...he says he is ready to forgive them both and begs them to come back to the shore...but it is too late and the sea engulfes the boat and them in the storm...they drown and die while on the shore Lord Ullin mourns for his daughter...
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