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The water was cold, I tool a deep breath and jumped into the abyss below me. How did I even know it was cold? It had to be, after all I never had a really good luck. Also, it was February.

Rocks in Scotland are steep and quite slippery, I was lucky I didn't hit my head, or anything else for that matter, against the rough walls of stone. I had to jump, there wasn't anything left for me really, Jenny left me alone, my parents were long gone, what were I supposed to do? Even though the circumstances were obviously different, it was a little bit like in that song, I wanted to break free... to break free from the world that couldn't give me happiness, but it didn't let me. 

You found me, an everyday, normal Scot gal from Alford, green eyes and burning like hair cut short. My beautiful tomboy which entirely changed my life and my would-be death. Actually, I think that death is a fool's solution, because who are we to say that nothing good can happen to us in the future? 

I don't think I could do it once more ever, it was the most terrifying experience in my life, I just didn't want to go and that's exactly why I think you were my guardian angel, my saviour and a sign from whoever that it's you with whom I should be. We're having a dinner today and it's going to be the most memorable dinner for you in your whole life, I promise. I just need to take the ring, phew, it's here in my pocket, I really do hope you're going to say "yes".... 

Alford, Scotland,                                                                    2 September 2014
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