Adult education, in the widest sense, is any form of learning adult's engage in beyond traditional schooling. In the narrowest sense, adult education is about literacy, about adults learning to read the most basic materials. So adult education encompasses everything from basic literacy to personal fulfillment as a lifelong learner, even the attainment of advanced degrees.
       Educating adults differs from educating children in several ways. Namely,
1) Adults have accumulated knowledge and work experience which can add to learning experience.
2) Adult education is mostly voluntary, therefore, participants are generally self-motivated.
3) Adults frequently apply their knowledge in a practical fashion to learn effectively.
      The major goal of adult education is a social upliftment by enabling the citizens to keep up with the societal change and improve its social structure.
        There are several challenges in adult education:
1) Time balancing problem
2) Carrier and family demands
3) Financial situation
4) Fear, shyness or ego.
                Adult education is a boon for those who are deprived of normal education and who are willing to update themselves to meet the demands of the contemporary world.

generally adult education means education of aged persons who are illiterate.the majority of the aged people who live in the rural areas  of india are illiterate.they cannot even sign their names.our freedom came about five decades ago  . in august , 1947.ever since a number of plans have been implemented for the country ' s such plan is to remove illiteracy from the country . but this plan has not yet achieved its end.

education is the basis of the economic and cultural development of a country.the vast masses of people are living in india form the majority of the population of the country.if they remain illiterate no upliftment of the country is possible.these rural masses are mostly very poor.for this purpose our government and the leaders should give top priority to these suffering millions.

if their condition is improved , the upliftment of the country will be easier.these people will then be able to realize their position.they will know what is neccessary for their improvement.they will themselves act for their improvement.they will know what is good for them and what is bad.they will no longer be exploited by the political education of the elderly people is of utmost importance.