This is impossible as we know that odd no.+ odd no. = even no.
?+?+?+?+? = 30
hence, upto 4 blanks the sum formed will be even.
even no. + ? =even no.(30 is even no.)
? = even no. - even no. 
hence, one even no. is fill the blanks
but we require all the odd no.s 
hence question is incorrect

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if the same numbers r repeated thn it cud be
o really!my answer is better thn urs
o really!my answer is better thn urs!
n u gave wrong ans !I told u 2 correct it n thn u did
I don't need ur suggestions
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The blanks couldn't be filled because the sum of odd numbers is never an even number!It could only be possible when the numbers are repeated.For eg- 1=1=2,3+3=6 etc.
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i told you that the sum odd number can be even do u suppose that ur ans is best
not necessary for the numbers to repeat...
3 + 9 =12
i dont know when they editted the basic maths but to me 12 is an even number .... :P :D :)