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What product, essential to elections in India is solely manufactured by Mysore Paints and Varnish Ltd?
 A. Indelible Ink B. EVM C. Voter ID cards D. Ballot Boxes
Answer: Indelible Ink

The scheme for rural employment NREGA has been named after which leader?
A. Mahatma Gandhi B. Rajiv Gandhi C. Jawahar Lal Nehru D. Indira Gandhi Answer: A. Mahatma Gandhi

What can you hear when a bell rings in a vaccum?
A. Loud Sound B. Usual Sound C. No Sound D. Vibrating Sound
 Answer: No Sound

How many languages feature on the language panel of contemporary Reserve Bank of India currency notes?
A. 15 B. 10 C. 12 D. 18
 Answer: 15

The plant bearing which of these fruits is a vine?
 A. Mango  B. Watermelon C. Apple D. Banana
 Answer: Watermelon

What is the meaning of the Arabic word 'suf' from which the team 'Sufi' is obtained?
 A. Wood B. Worship C. Work D. Wool
 Answer: Wool

What is the full form of Dibakar Banerjee’s film ‘LSD’?
A. Lysergic Acid Diethylamide B. Lalu, Shalu aur Dolly C. London se Dreams D. Love, Sex, aur Dhokha
 Answer: D. Love, Sex aur Dhokha

With reference to the human body what is ‘raktchaap’?
 A. Blood Test B. Blood Circulation C. Blood Donation D. Blood Pressure Answer: D. Blood Pressure

What is the color of octopus blood?
 A. Blue B. White C. Red D. Yellow
Answer: Blue
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1) Which country will host the next football world cup as well as the Olympic games?
A. Brazil B. Argentina C. Russia D. Greece
Ans: C. Russia
Which of these diseases is also known as ‘dimaagi bukhar’?
A. Tetanus B. Rabies C. Japanese Encephalitis D. Dengue
Ans: C. Japanese Encephalitis
In 2013, which of these commodities in many parts of India saw an unexpected price rise to more than Rs.80 per kg?
A. Potato B. Sugar C. CNG D. Onion
Ans: D.Onion
In 2014, India and 10 other Asian countries have been certified free of what disease by WHO?
A. Tuberculosis B. Polio C. Small Pox D. Plague
Ans: C. Small Pox
Whose official residence in New Delhi is 7, Race course Road?
A. President B. Chief Justice of India C. Speaker of the Lok Sabha D. Prime Minister
Ans: D. Prime Minister
The Krishna-Godavari Basin is one of the largest reserves in India of which natural resources?
A. Aluminium B. Natural Gas C. Coal D. Zinc
Ans: B. Natural Gas
 According to the media campaign ‘Power of 49′, who form as much as 49% percent of the Indian voter base?
A. Youth B. First time voters C. Women D. Men
Ans: C: Women
 Which of these positions in India is a constitutional post?
A. Chairman. Railway Board B. National Security Advisor C. Attorney General for India D. Governor, Reserve Bank of India
Ans: B. National Security Advisor
Which of these films was released to celebrate 100 years of the Indian film industry?
A. Bombay Meri Jaan B. Salaam Bombay C. Bombay Talkies D. Bombay Dreams
Ans: C. Bombay Talkies
Who wrote the introduction to the English translation of Rabindranath Tagore’s Gitanjali?
A. P.B. Shelley B. T.S. Elliot C. W.B. Yeats D. Alfred Tennyson
Ans: C. W.B. Yeats
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