Sri Lanka continued with their Majoritarian measures which later lead to a violent civil war. They continued to prefer the majority community (sinhalese) and neglected the needs of tamils.

Belgium changed their constitutin four times between 1970 to 1993 to accomodate a proper arrangement of power sharing.
1.)equal representation was given to french and dutch speaking people in union and central govt.
2.)Community govt. was introduced to take decision on linguistic matters
3.) Brussels(capital of belgium) was given seperate constitution and powers and it was not answerable to central or state govt.
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 Belgium and Sri Lanka faced the problem of ethnicity.The leaders of Belgium realised that unity of country is possible  by respecting the interests of different communities. Sri Lanka - shows us that if a majority community wants to force its dominance over others and refuses to share power - it can threaten the unity of the country. Belgium solved its ethnic problem .
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