Hot, moist wind from Sahara'-haramattan
Hot dry wind from West Africa-Loo
Hot, dry wind in the rockies (Snow Eater)-Foehn
Hot dry wind in the alps-Khamsin
Hot dry wind in Eygpt-Sirocco
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Zonda: a hot wind of the eastern slopes of the Andes, in central Argentina; starts during the afternoon, between May and November.
Brickfielder: a hot and dry wind that blows in the desert of Southern Australia, during the summer season.
Cers: a quite violent dry and clear Northwest or North wind affecting the Southwest of France, near the Gulf of Lion.
Diablo: hot, dry and offshore wind blowing in the San Francisco Bay Area, during spring and fall.
Etesian: strong, dry, north winds of the Aegean Sea which blow from about mid-May to mid-September, hitting Greece and Turkey.
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