Q] Choose one option for each and explain how it is correct
1) When water released through a pipe in the direction inclined to vertical what will be the motion of the water drops?
a) Projectile motion b) Uniform circular motion
c) Uniform motion d) Variable motion

2) Why a fruit can be easily cut by a sharp edged knife?
a) Fruit is soft b) Pressure increases due to reduced area
c) The resistance due to fruit is not enough d) The pressure of the knife is less

3) Iron sheet sinks in water but ship made of iron floats. Why?
a) Density of iron is more
b) The density of ship is less than water
c) The weight of ship is decreased in water
d) Due to the shape of ship the weight of water displaced by the ship equals the weight of the ship

4) Torricelli, the disciple of Galileo made water barometer. What was the maximum height of the water column in that glass tube sealed at one end
(The density of mercury is 13.596 kg/ m^{3} )
a) 760 m b) 760 cm c) 10.33 m d) 13.56 m



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1) a

2) b    it is not pressure , it should be  stress  - correct word

3  d

4  c  760 mm * 13.6 = water column height * density of water

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its ok
a) water drops have a velocity at an angle to horizontal. so they follow projectile motion. b) stress = force/(area of sharp edge of knife) very high, so it cuts apple, by breaking the attraction between particles c) explanation in question. 4 ) pressure at a level of water is always same at same depth. weight of mercury column for 1 atmosphere is same as the weight of water column
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