Q] Choose one option for each and explain how it is correct
1) Why is copper used to prepare calorimeter?
a) It does not rust
b) It is cheap and easily available
c) Thermal equilibrium is quickly produced with the liquid inside it.
d) Heat given out by copper is very less.

2) A body is thrown vertically upward from the surface of the ground with the velocity of 9.8 m/s. What maximum height it will reach?
a) 9.8 m b) 4.9 m c) 19.6 m d) 1 m

3) What is the nature of the image obtained by the contact lens?
a) Virtual, erect and smaller than object b) Virtual, erect and of the same size
c) Virtual, erect and magnified d) Real, erected and diminished

4) When a body is moving with constant velocity the force acting on it is zero. Who proposed this theory?
a) Aristotle b) Newton c) Copernicus d) Galileo

5) Which of the following is the charge carried by an electron?
a) 1.6 x  10^{19} C b) 1.6 x  10^{-19} C
c) 16 x  10^{19} C d) 16 x  10^{-19} C

6) What is the name of the scientist who discovered anode rays?
a) Lord Rutherford b) Neil's Bohr c) Sir J.J. Thomson d) Prof. Chadwick

the 2nd question might be wrong


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1) d
2) a
3) c
4) b
5) b
6) c

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