there are many advantages and disadvantages as well . Advantages : in olden days there were no phones , computers....and all those electronic stuff. So , they can't communicate with their relatives. They had to hear from their nears and dears only from letters . In olden days people weren't so educated , so most of them can't even write to their relatives . 
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Sorry il tell u some more points again wait
Hmm and they can't even see them , if their relatives are far away . If they have got computers and skype 's then they can.
and...the people who have all these goods then they can enjoy with them . They can see and communicate well with their friends and relatives. They can make their studies easier.
Disadvantages : children are so addicted to these computers and tv and wasting their valuable time. They are misusing these comforts. Very young children are creating FaceBook accounts and getting trapped !